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Wrongful Death

Notable Cases

Cadle v. Southbridge Development, Fulton County Superior Court (2005)

Nicholas Cadle was killed by a drunk driver while walking on the side of a country road in Effingham County. Upon investigation it was determined that the intoxicated driver was a manager of a restaurant where he drank between 10 and 15 beers while working. It was also found that it was not an isolated incident as there had been many occasions when employees of the bar and restaurant drank and became intoxicated. Two weeks prior to proceeding to trial the case resolved for a confidential amount at mediation.

Negligent Driving

11.5 million dollar verdict for Mother with Brain Injured Child. A postal truck pulled out into the path of their car, causing them to run off the road. The car hit a wooden fence and a fence rail came through the windshield. It hit the mother in the abdomen. She was two weeks away from having the child. The mother had an emergency C-section and the child was born severely brain damaged from the loss of blood due to the mother’s internal bleeding. (2010)

Hogan v. Philips

Chatham County Superior Court $4 million verdict obtained for a permanently disabled police officer who suffered a broken neck after being run off the road by a fleeing suspect.

*Settlement amounts reached through mediation are confidential. Amounts awarded through trial are public record.*