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Auto Accidents

Notable Cases

Negligent Driving

Multi-million dollar settlement for a man that was hit by a speeding SUV while changing a tire on the side of a road. He sustained serious life threatening injuries including a traumatic brain injury. The case was settled prior to filing a lawsuit. (2005).

Negligent Driving

11.5 million dollar verdict for Mother with Brain Injured Child. A postal truck pulled out into the path of their car, causing them to run off the road. The car hit a wooden fence and a fence rail came through the windshield. It hit the mother in the abdomen. She was two weeks away from having the child. The mother had an emergency C-section and the child was born severely brain damaged from the loss of blood due to the mother’s internal bleeding. (2010)

Hogan v. Philips

Chatham County Superior Court $4 million verdict obtained for a permanently disabled police officer who suffered a broken neck after being run off the road by a fleeing suspect.

*Settlement amounts reached through mediation are confidential. Amounts awarded through trial are public record.*